The new Google Shopping opportunities for retailers

Google has decided to open the doors to all Comparison Shopping Services (or CSS for short) to buy space on the Google Shopping platform.

This change was the consiquence of the record fine of €2.4 billion Google has received from the European Commission back in 2017 for anticompetitive behaviors.

What does this mean?

It means that specialized companies who are operating CSS sites are able to compete with Google Shopping for the Shipping ads placements in Google Search pages in the European Union.

Now retailers do not have to stick with Google if they want to use Shopping campaigns. They can search for a Google Comparison Shopping Partner place the ads through them.

For the Shopping panel layout, you won’t spot any differences at a first glance, but there will be some subtle differences. Google says there will always be 10 slots for PLAs and CSS options. However, the most noticeable change is the ad’s source; this indicates if the ad came through Google’s services or a through a CSS.

Google Shopping changes
Google Shopping changes

OK, I got it, but what’s the big deal?

It is a big deal because Google is not using all of your ad spend to buy traffic!

Google introduced a fixed percentage fee in AdWords you most probably didn’t hear of. Whenever you place on a bid price, Google takes a 20% as a service fee and uses the rest for the auction price.

This means that for every €1 you are spending in the Shopping campaign, only €0.80 are use for the CPC.

Not convinced yet? Know that Google has implemented a Spend Match incentive program. This means that Google will give you up to 30% of you adspend back in form of ad credit every month (up to €32k per account).

Sounds too good to be true, right? You can find all the official information and conditions from Google right here.

Why use ShopXYZ?

Your Shopping ads will stay the same. There will be no change in the AdWords account, the Shopping campaigns, or the ad copies. All Comparison Shopping Sites have the same opportunities when competing for Shopping advertising spots.

The customer journey will also be unchanged - they will go through the product page when clicking on the ad. The only difference is that instead of the ad being tagged as ‘by Google’, it will be tagged with ‘by ShopXYZ (as seen in the image above).

Our Google Shopping clients have been already transferred to our Google CSS partner website. Do you also want to advertise via our CSS and take maximum advantage of 30% kickback and 20% CPC advantage?

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