Why advertise on category level?

Do you spend over 2 hours a month managing your Google AdWords account? Do you sell more than 500 products in your web shop? Is your AdWords budget over 49,- a day? Is one of these answers a yes? Then we will probably be able to help you.

Why AdWords Robot?

  • You can get more efficiency out of your AdWords campaigns.
  • AdWords Robot allows you to pay per month and terminate per month.
  • AdWords Robot is still developing. It is not a static product, but a product which is able to adjust according to your feedback!

Advertising from category feed

By automating your AdWords campaigns with AdWords Robot it is possible to advertise from the category feed and by this to advertise on category level. Advertising on category level actually is the advertising of all possible filter combinations on your website. For each filter combination an advertisement and suitable landing page.

Is my assortment suited for advertising on category level?

Advertising from category feed is really suitable when your web shop values not just the articles, but also the product details, to be found. Think about search tasks with characteristics as size, color, material, entrance, power, shape, style, brand. The consumer can filter on these characteristics in the web shop.

The consumer actually gives a description of the product he/she is searching for in the search task. For example: ‘red leather boots’ or ‘wall clock black 30cm’ or ‘blue checkered blouse’ or ‘watch band leather 20mm’. Often these are web shops in the sections: furniture, interior, fashion, clothes, textile, shoes, lightning, etcetera.

By advertising on inter alia the above mentioned long tail combinations, these are often the filter combinations you offer on your website, you can not just show a very targeted ad to your consumers, but you also advertise for lower costs! So is the combination ‘wall clock black 30cm’ cheaper in the Google AdWords auction than just the words ‘wall clock’. You will, on the other hand, get more traffic when advertising on ‘wall clock’, but is this traffic always interesting when you sell them in just a few sizes and colors? Someone searching for a Karlsson wall clock will see your advertisement when you advertise on ‘wall clock’. Even if you do not sell Karlsson wall clocks.

Is the consumer more likely to use the article name in the search task? For example product brand + type number etc. Then it might be better to advertise on product level for you.

Why advertising on category level?

The consumer gets more and more demanding and searches in detail for products or services on the internet. As an advertiser you will not stand out by using general search words in your advertisements. Doesn’t your advertisement match the search task of the consumer? Then there is a only a small chance for your consumer to click the ad. Don’t you have a relevant landing page for the consumer who does manage to click your ad? There will be a large chance for him/her to leave soon. AdWords Robot allows you to improve the steps of your advertising process.

Step 1: More relevant, bigger and often a cheaper reach

AdWords Robot reach your entire category feed and translates this to advertisements on category level. You will be able to find these in your own Google AdWords account. Lots of search combinations can be used to gain relevant traffic for your website.

Larger reach

Many advertisers use the obvious short tail keywords to generate traffic. Short tail keywords are keywords with 1 or 2 keyword combinations. It is a time consuming process to add all the hundreds/thousands of longer, long tail (3 or more keyword combinations), search words to your campaigns.

An example short tail: Floor lamp | An example long tail: Floor lamp steel cylinder

More relevant and cheaper reach

Because AdWords Robot makes advertisements based on your category feed, you will just advertise on the product categories you truly sell! Besides, you will not just advertise on the short tail keywords but also on the long tail keywords. Consumers using long tail keywords are searching very specifically. This click is often much cheaper than the obvious short tail keywords with high competition.

Step 2: Higher click chance/CTR and managing customer expectation

As discussed before, it is very important to offer a distinctive advertisement. A distinctive ad is an ad which is often similar to the search task of the consumer! AdWords Robot writes a suitable ad for each possible search task which will help you to distinct your ad from the others. Next to the ad being similar with the search task you can manage your customer expectation. From your ad, your customer will decide to go to your site or not. When a customer searches very specifically for a product it is important for the customer expectation to show that you sell the product they are looking for. A general advertisement does not show this! Consumers highly value price, stock and delivery time for example. By adding this to your ad, you can show your customer what you offer. When the customer thinks the price is too high, he/she will not click your advertisement. This helps you save your advertisement costs for customers who are more likely to convert on your site.

Step 3. Higher conversion

Like shown above, managing your customer expectation is very important for your ad. Clicking the ad you should lead your customer to the right category page. The customer knows what to expect on your site and is just a single click off the order.

Step 4. Time saving and always up to date

As told before it is time consuming to also add long tail keywords. Not forgetting your stock changes every time so you keep changing your campaigns. AdWords Robot reads your category feed daily and by doing this it overcomes to advertise on products which are not being sold anymore. On the other side, you will advertise on new products quickly.

Suitable advertising for every web shop!

The time input on your side is at a minimum. After deciding how and whereon can be advertised, AdWords Robot takes all the hard work out of your hands for the by AdWords Robot generated campaigns. The management and optimization is in our hands. We will keep you up to date on the receivables. Also you can easily analyze the results in your Google AdWords account.

I already advertise myself or make use of a specialized party

If you are satisfied with your current results we recommend you to keep your AdWords campaigns that way. But are you curious or convinced you can get more out of it? AdWords Robot can be integrated without problems next to your current campaigns. Like this, you will be able to easily compare which way of advertising suits your business best!

How do I start to advertise from the category feed?

The AdWords Robot tool reads your entire category feed and translates this to advertisements on category level in your AdWords account. First we will start to look at your category feed. Does it contain enough information? If so, we can start.

Besides the url to your category feed we will need access to your Google AdWords and Analytics. Also you will be answering a questionnaire about the organization of your AdWords campaigns.

AdWords Robot will only manage and optimize the by AdWords Robot generated ads. If you wish to do the optimization yourself, we do advise using your knowledge and expertise.

Is it safe to automate my AdWords campaigns?

AdWords Robot will discuss everything that has to do with budget and expressions with you. We will also stick to the Google Policy. We will handle your AdWords account carefully and professionally. We will not adjust your current campaigns and your information will be treated as confidential. Also, nothing on your website will change.

How differs AdWords Robot from current API technology or comparable products?

AdWords Robot does not have any software limitations. Based on your feedback, adjustments can be made so you will hold over a custom made product. Other tools are restricted to their software limitations. Eventual limitations in those tooling can not be adjusted.

Eventually, AdWords Robot makes use of a low entry and exit threshold. We really want to help the customer forward, which is the most important difference!