Have you ever paid for clicks which didn't convert? And when you started digging deeper you found that landing pages were broken or the products were out of stock?

Most AdWords campaigns which run for 6 to 12 months contain 1%-2% of destination URLs which either do not exist anymore. You are just paying Google for a vistor which sees a 404 message. Firstly it's bad user experience and secondly it's you pay Google for nothing.

In case you have an e-commerce or retail website, chances are that after 6 to 12 months some product become out of stock. You are probably paying for clicks which lead to products which cannot be bought.

To find "broken landing pages" and "out of stick items" we developed AdWords Landing Page Checker? Try AdWords Landing Page Checker for free!

Some of the features we are excited about:

  • Check which landing lages in your AdWords account do not work;

  • Check which landing lages contain products which are out of stock;

  • Check all landing pages of Ads and Keywords, so you don't miss a click;

  • Download reports in convenient Excel file.