When submitting an article, please follow these guidelines to ensure the quality and credibility of the article.

If you have any questions, please reach out to writers@adwordsrobot.com.

Guidelines to follow when writing an article

Copyrighting and plagiarism

  • Do not copy original content without quoting and referencing. You can paraphrase, of course.

  • Always link to original article if you used some of the information from it.

  • If you use images, cite the source of the image.

Article quality

  • The article must contain original content written by the author.

  • Articles should be at least 2000 words long. Don't make it longer than 3500 words.

  • Omit 'general' text. Things like detailed explanation of why Internet Marketing is good idea. Instead use a quote from a 'famous' person and link to another article. In case you need to explain an idea, like why it is necessery to A/B test your website, it a good idea to describe that idea in more detail.

  • Use high quality images (at least 900px in width).

  • Try to use recent data and screenshots. If you are writing something about a piece of software, don't use screenshots which are 2 years old. Same goes for research which supports your story.

Article attractiveness with images, videos and slides

  • Use images to make the article more attractive, see resources below.

  • When mentioning a product or service, use screenshots or logo's of these products.

  • Use charts and graphics which support your story.

  • When you quote, you can use Buffer's Pablo to create an image of the quote.

  • If you use slides from SlideShare or videos from YouTube, just paste the link to the slideshow or video in the article. We will convert it to a proper player.

Article content

  • The titles of subsections should reflect subsection's summary. For example: “Use your ABC” might be more descriptive as “Always A/B test your e-mails” or “Test multiple versions of content”.

  • Images should be a summary of the subsection. What I mean is the image + caption should be enough to understand the gist of the subsection. And you can read the rest if you want to know the detail.

  • KISS = Keep It Short and Sweet. If a sentence is not necessary, remove it. No funny stories just for the sake of it. It must have a point.

Content types and examples

Top X lists

A list of top 15-25 items is great. Use at least 100-250 words per subsection. Also try to use at least two images every 3 items. If possible link to other sites with more details. For example see 30+ Ways to Improve Product Photography for Your Online Shop.

Case studies

Case studies, which describe results of a technique, tactic or strategy, are welcome. Use recent studies or try to combine multiple related studies in one piece.

How-to Guide

Guide for features, tactics or strategies are welcome. For example a guide how to implement remarketing tags in an e-commerce site or how to setup Customer Match in AdWords. For example see AdWords Customer Match.

Reviews and comparissons

Reviews or comparissons of products, software, plugins, apps, etc are welcome.

Submitting the article

Editing tools and formatting

  • Use Google Docs to write the article, make it share it with a link.

  • Try to use simple formatting using headings, bold/italic, and links. Use tables only if needed.

  • When placing images and screenshots, place them centered on the page.

  • If you want to include Youtube videos or slide shares, just place the URL in the document.

What to submit when article is completed

  • A title of at most 65 characters. See how to choose a headline.

  • A square icon of at least 300px x 300px.

  • A summary of 80-100 words.

  • At least 3 tags/keyword as a summary.

When the article is completed, please send the link to the shared Google Docs to writers@adwordsrobot.com.

Resources to use when writing

Images, screenshots or stock photos

Please use screenshots or real life examples as much as possible. You can do this with:

If you really need a stock photo, you can consider these web sites: