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Thank you for watching the webinar. In about 24 hours we will publish the slides, the video and Q&A on this page.

For now please see the mentioned resources on the topics of CSS and growing outside of local market (in Europe).

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Q & A from the webinar

How easy is it to transition from default CSS to ShopXYZ CSS?

We released the app for Shopify which makes the transition to our CSS very easy. It's just a few clicks and if there are no issues, it can transition within 2-3 hours.

What are the next steps to getting started with ShopXYZ for Shopify?

To use our self service solution, install our Google CSS connector Shopify App. If you are not using Shopify, please checkout ShopXYZ info page

How easy is it to start selling in Europe for a non European company?

In Shopify it's easy to start selling in almost any country. This is done using Shopify Markets. Shopify will take care of currency conversion and payment processing. You can even translate your website and products. In terms of Ads, you can create a PMAX campaign targeting non-local markets. Just make sure you can ship to Europe. And not all European countries have the same rules. See www.shopify.com/markets(https://www.shopify.com/markets)

We are interested in Pmax and wanted to know whether there are any tools that we can use to split the pmax campaigns we run automatically?

It depends on what segment you want to split the campaigns. Most of the time it can be done using rules, like "if brand = abc then set label 1 to high margin". This can be done in Google Merchant, using Merchant rules (for free). We also use internal tools which use sales data to split campaigns based on sales statistics. Reach out to us if you need to know more.

Does registering to the CSS for the European market require a new Google Ads or Google Merchant account?

You can keep using the same Google Ads and Google Merchant accounts. When you register for ShopXYZ, your current Google Merchant account will transition.

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