At this moment we are out of coupons. We already requested more coupons from Google and waiting for the approval. You could also request a coupon from Google via or by calling them.

All new AdWords Robot customers receive Google AdWords credit of €75 or €150 depending on the type of account.

How to qualify for a coupon code?

To be eligible for a coupon code, you need to start with a new AdWords account. If your AdWords account was created more than 14 days ago, the coupon code will not be accepted anymore. So if you are planning to start with AdWords, it's best to wait a little while until you have a coupon code.

Already have an AdWords account? Then you can no longer use a coupon code. However, you can perform a free AdWords analysis, learn more about it.

How do you receive the money from Google?

After setting up your new AdWords account, you can enter the code. There are two types of vouchers.

With a voucher of €150 it works as follows:

Google will determine how much you have spent within 30 days and will double that amount (up to a maximum of €150) in the following month.

With a voucher of €75 it works slightly differently:

The moment you spend €25 or more, you will receive €75 from Google.

How do you get an AdWords promotion code?

You can hire us to create a new AdWords account for your website or web shop. Then you will receive €75 or €150 credit from us.

Where can you find AdWords credit?

We are one of the parties that have AdWords credits.

You can also often find coupons at marketing seminars. You can also find promotional codes in e-commerce magazines.

I have a discount code for AdWords, now what?

If you have received a discount code for AdWords and you don't have an AdWords account yet, then you should wait until you can really start with AdWords. Because the discount code expires within 30 days after it is completed.

Would you like to know more about AdWords, then you can download two e-books. These e-books are free.

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