What is Google Tag Manager?

Tag Manager is a tool by Google that simplifies the complete tagging process of your website. From adding new tags to all your pages to updating them regularly, everything can be done by Google Tag Manager. It is a clear, easy to use tool that will save you lots and lots of time.

What Do You Use it For?

The tool provides a great oversight of all your tags on every page of your website. The easy to use interface helps users to add and remove tags with just a few clicks.

By logging in with your existing Google account on google.com/tagmanager you can start setting up your account

This means that you can quickly change and update all tags at the same time, you don’t have to wait a long time anymore for code updates.

Google Tag Manager Interface
Google Tag Manager Interface

Why Is it Useful?

The main advantage of using Google Tag Manager is clarity. Google Tag Manager makes it easy to check if all tags are working on your page. It saves a lot of manual work since updating and publishing any changes can be done in seconds.

Another great aspect of the tool is that it supports every type of tag, not only Google’s proprietary tags.

Due to the easy and clear interface, you don’t have to be an IT specialist to use the software.

When To Use Google Tag Manager?

When to use Google Task Manager is pretty straightforward: if you have at least one tag in the code of your website, it is already a great help. The more tags you have, the more complicated the tagging process becomes and the more relevant Google Tag Manager becomes.

More information on Tag Manager

If you are stuck check Tag Manager playlist on Youtube with video tutorials about Google Tag Manager.

To start, go to the Tag Manager homepage.