With Google Analytics in your Lightpseed store you can keep track of traffic and most importantly sales from different channels. This way you can optimize your campaigns and get more bang for your buck!

Part 1: Create a Google Analytics account and a property

If you already have a Google Analytics account, go to part 2.

If you have no Google Analytics account here are the steps:

  1. Log in Google Analytics.

  2. Create a new account by logging in (upper right).

  3. Create a new property, read How to create a Google Analytics property on Google's support website.

Part 2: Setup the correct tracking

Log in Google Analytics.

Look for your Lightspeed website. Now select and copy the number which starts with UA. It has a format of UA-XXXXXX-X, you need to copy it all.

Select account number and copy it to clipboard.
Select account number and copy it to clipboard.

Open a new window in your browser and log in to your Lightspeed dashboard.

Click on Settings [1] in the right menu.

Click on Website statistics [2] in the third column (website settings).

Click on Google Analytics [3].

Make sure all checkboxes [4], [5], [8], [9] are on, the rest must be off.

At [6] put your websites domain, without www..

At [7] paste your UA-XXXXXX-X code you just copied.

Press Save [10].

The Analytics should be seyup now.