Smart Shopping Autopilot

We are super excited about our new Robot - Smart Shopping Autopilot (SSA).

The purpose of SSA is to boost Google Shopping sales and push it to a steady and long term growth.

So far only a small group of our premium clients had access to this piece of technology, but not any more.

During the rest of the year we are running an exclusive & limited SSA program to our Shopify app users.

SSA comes with 60 days 100% money back guarantee! That is how sure we are that SSA will boost your Google Shopping results.

Results from our users

Below you see results of two accounts. One with a 2 year old campaign and one with a 6 months old campaign. Both accounts had a steady growth during the periods. Even with growing competition and growing click prices on Google.

Important to notice here is that both the cost (blue line) AND the conversion (red line) go up at the same rate. Usually the more conversions you have, the more each conversion will cost. In most cases Smart Shopping Autopilot (SSA) is able to learn and keep a steady growth. Here SSA campaigns are keeping its effectiveness at the same level during the growing costs.

2 year old campaign with steady growth over time keeping the cost / conversion at the same rate.
2 year old campaign with steady growth over time keeping the cost / conversion at the same rate.

6 months old campaign with steady growth over time keeping the cost / conversion at the same rate.
6 months old campaign with steady growth over time keeping the cost / conversion at the same rate.

How is Smart Shopping Autopilot different?

As you probably already experienced, to get the most out of Google Shopping, you need to focus on what sells.

Smart Shopping Autopilot is an ingenious mix of artificial intelligence software and human understanding of client's business & targets.

In short, SSA pushes most profitable product to Google Shopping, while keeping the rest of the inventory for testing in hope to find new gems.

Before the start, one of our Certified Google Shopping experts will discuss your business as a whole and your business targets. Then the expert configures the SSA to your business' requirements. Then the software starts working and learning from your store's sales data.

Our expert will monitor the performance and adjust SSA whenever is needed. At any time you will be able to monitor the performance of the campaign yourself in the Google Ads account.

SSA will start as two Shopping campaigns, but might grow into several campaigns over time. This could be due to different targets for different product groups for example. Or other splits of products to improve efficiency. But the most important part is that SSA works day and night on optimizing the inventory which goes to Google Shopping to get most out of these campagins.

Smart Shopping Autopilot service includes

Smart Shopping Autopilot is a service managed for you by one of our specialists. He will keep track of the performance and steer the software in the right direction to hit your targets. SSA Includes:

  • Detailed setup by a Google Shopping certified expert. We will check the tracking and other options to make sure the setup is solid.

  • Business targets monitoring.

  • Personal consultant who understands your business.

  • Unlimited # of products in the store.

  • Great support from our 5-star support team.

Is your store eligible?

To power Smart Shopping Autopilot with enough data to learn, your store will require the following:

  • You have at least 500 products, preferably 1500 or more.

  • Your current revenue of at least $10,000 per month or at least 150 sales per month.

  • You sell in any of the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, or Denmark.

  • You are using Advanced Google Shopping Feed App for your feed.

Limited Pilot Program conditions

During the limited pilot program the following conditions apply:

  • Your store is eligible (see above).

  • Cancel any time.

  • If you cancel within first 60 days of the project, you will get 100% money back. No questions asked.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I already have Shopping Campaigns running, will this work?

That is OK. SSA will add a new campaign which will use your store's sales data to make that campaign as effective as possible.

How long does it take before we see the results?

As you can see from the examples above it could take several months before the real growth hits. It depends on a lot of factors, like seasonality, competition, your pricing, shop's conversion improvements, etc. In any case SSA is focussed on return on investment / adspend and that target will hit within 4-8 weeks. SSA should be profitable within the first month.

My store is not eligible, but I want to try SSA. What should I do?

You can contact our support team for more information.

Pricing / service fee

SSA comes with 60 days 100% money back guarantee! If SSA doesn't deliver within 60 days, you get your money back, no questions asked.

The price is based on your adspend in Google Ads (of the SSA campaigns only). The price is also progressive. This means you pay less the more you spend.

For the first $5,000 in adspend you pay 5%. For the next $5,000 in adspend you pay 4.5%. For each next $5,000 you pay 0.5% points less, until you hit 1%. There are two exceptions; If your adspend is less than $2,500 per month, the monthly payment is $125 per month and for adspend above $70,000 you only pay 0.5%.

Billing will happen using a credit card and will happen on a monthly basis (around 1st of the month).

You can calculate your monthly fee below:

What is your expected monthly Ad Spend?

$ 0.00

* The minimum monthly fee is $ per month.

More info?